How to compare Eames Eiffel chairs replica

What to look for when shopping for Eames Eiffel chair replicas

What is the difference between a painted vs. a dyed-through seat?

When the colour of the seat is blended right into the molded material we refer to it as “dyed-through”.  The benefit of a dyed-through chair is that the colour will not change if the surface is scratched, leaving any damage virtually unnoticeable. Most of our competitors’ seat colours are simply painted on, so scratches will reveal whatever colour is underneath the paint, and therefore be noticeable.

What is the maximum weight the chairs can support?

The weight a chair can support is a testament to the quality of the materials used to build it.  At Kanvass our minimum standard supporting weight is 150kg (330lbs).

I like the wood base; what kind of wood should I buy?

Most Kanvass replicas are built with beech wood because it of its high quality vs. low cost ratio. As well, beech wood can be stained if you prefer a darker finish. An upgrade to Ash, Maple timber or Walnut woods are also available in our Eames DSW model, for an extra fee.

Buyer beware:  some sellers may use the words “stain” and/or “finish” to describe the wood used for their furniture. Note that this usually means that the item is built of a lower quality wood and then stained or finished to resemble a higher quality one (i.e., a Walnut finish does not necessarily mean the chair is made of Walnut wood).  This is not a bad thing in itself, as long as you are aware of what you are purchasing.

The following item will not affect the quality of the product you purchase and are simply personal preference:

What is the difference between an ABS vs. a PP plastic seat?

ABS seats are more rigid and less flexible, and the finish looks more like plastic than a PP seat. Both seats are very solid and durable. Your selection will solely base on your preference for either material finish. For your reference, the original Eames chair is made of PP plastic. 

Our Eames Eiffel DRS go head to head with the original chair on a consumer reports TV show!

According to Mr Winter, the Eames DSR made of PP plastic from Kanvass home (chair from the right in the video) is a better deal than the original chair.

TV show: Ça vaut le coût at Télé-Québec / Featured guest: Koen De Winter, designer & professor of industrial design at UQAM. Start watching at 1 minute 42 seconds.

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