Our story

Kanvass is a Canadian company, offering high-quality mid-century modern and industrial furniture replicas.

Our speciality is supplying furniture to small and medium sized businesses (from restaurants, offices and medical clinics to bars and spas), but we are also equipped to furnish larger businesses, such as Journal La Presse. More recently, individual buyers have also been finding great items though the Kanvass website. Note that for larger scale purchases, Kanvass can offer custom finishes.  

The Kanvass Story

Kanvass is the brain-child of a couple of design loving real-estate owners, looking to furnish their rental properties.

Willing to settle for nothing less than the best – without the means to pay designer prices – Kanvass founders scoured the city and the internet looking for quality furniture options to outfit their rental properties.

What they found was not promising: the mark-up on replica furniture was simply too high. Websites were not trustworthy, and the quality of the products they sold was less than favorable (what you saw was not necessarily what you got!).

As their rental business grew, so did their demand for high quality furniture. They decided their best option was to take a trip to Asia and do their own legwork. Once there, they found the most reliable and best quality suppliers to deliver furniture directly to them.

What happened next was simple word of mouth. Once their friends saw the amazing items they imported, everyone was interested in outfitting their own homes... and the rest is Kanvass history.

The Kanvass Collection

Through extensive research, Kanvass were able to find great companies, able to create high-quality reproductions that match our requirements. This collection is imported and exclusive to Kanvass.  However, Kanvass also works with reputable suppliers, in order to broaden the range of products offered through the site.

Though the main focus is mid-century replicas, Kanvass also offers some vintage and industrial style replicas as well. We invite you to explore the website, and discover Kanvass’ world of affordable design.

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